About us

On our road trip to Moscow Idaho


An adventure for sure. Found this sweet spot on Banks Lake and John was able to catch his first Walleye!


Joe finding the trout in a local lake.


John getting on his first Red at the Boondoggle in LA.

Who we are


Well Joe and I met about 17 years ago when he married my sister and had 2 beautiful daughters. Outside of being family we are just a couple regular guys that are trying to live the American dream of being able to make a living doing something we are passionate about, the outdoors. Some of our favorite things are rock climbing, kayak fishing, camping, exploring, building stuff, rigging and overall anything related to enjoying the outdoors. initially this was a fun idea but thanks to some wonderful friends in the Paddlesports industry we have a chance to actually make a go at building our own business. 

Check out our official opening video!